SF Group Training Courses Receive International Accreditation

30 August 2022, London:

Highfields International, the UK and Middle East’s leading supplier of security and compliance-based qualifications, has evaluated SF Group’s in-house training material against industry best practice and accredited its HEAT and Crisis Management courses. This accreditation reaffirms the company’s approach to quality assurance principles in the design, delivery and assessment of bespoke training content.

Group Head of Training Peter Musembi said “This approval from an international qualification provider further demonstrates our commitment to the highest levels of credibility, and the pursuit of high standards for globally accredited qualifications. But the real benefits go to students who not only receive quality training but are provided professionally tracked certification. Interested parties can check the validity of our accredited qualifications using an online CheckCert facility. Student and employer alike can have confidence in the veracity of the qualification.”


Courses Accredited: Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) and Principles of Basic Crisis Management


The HEAT course is delivered over 3 or 5 days. Instructors work directly with management to develop a bespoke training package suitable for a client’s needs. Graduates are capable of ensuring the long-term safety and security of their personnel while deployed in challenging environments. The course has two components, the first being a theoretical and practical series of modules which help students know how to respond to security threat issues, and allow them to apply this knowledge through practical exercises and group work. The second component equips students with the knowledge and practise to administer effective first aid. The practical exercises through mock scenarios (where possible) and realistic simulation lie at the heart of this course. This hands-on application of theory enables learners to decisively choose appropriate responses in future situations they may encounter. A number of group-work assignments are designed to allow participants opportunity to apply the concepts and to reinforce the learning. A fact sheet for the training course can be found here.

The Principles of Basic Crisis Management course is designed for security professionals, risk managers and relevant crisis management teams. It provides a detailed criteria required to establish basic understanding of corporate crisis management and how to apply this knowledge in real world environments. This course is a half day course and highlights the planning considerations when preparing for a potential crisis by discussing generic templates for crisis management plans, and the role and communication dynamics of the Crisis Management Team, Decision Making Authority and Emergency Response Teams. It also outlines and differentiates the levels of incident within a crisis management environment, and how to apply trigger points relevant to the situation. A fact sheet for the training course can be found here.

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