Maritime Security Services​

SF Group provides a comprehensive range of maritime security and anti-piracy services to the shipping and energy industries operating in the Indian Ocean, Gulf of Guinea and South-East Asia.

Maritime Services

We have built a reputation as one of the world’s leading providers of professional, standards compliant and competitive maritime security solutions. Shipping is in equal parts the most valuable and most vulnerable global commodity. It attracts intentional and opportunistic targeting which varies from shipping lane to shipping lane. SF Group mitigates the risk in the maritime domain.

Training and Consultancy

We offer tailored training packages to suit the needs of our clients, and relevant to the environments in which they operate. The training is comprehensive and cost-effective. Bridge advisory and consultancy services are key to risk management, providing assurance and training to vessels across the world. We deliver training advisory services that inspire confidence in our clients, from the Chief Security Officer and Master to the most junior crew member.

Ship Protection

Since the onset of widespread Somali piracy in 2008 the implementation of professional, trained armed security has been essential and SF has conducted overwhelmingly successful operations suppressing pirates in the high-risk waters off Somalia. However, without sustained stability and development, the root cause of piracy will not be resolved and as a result, vessels continue to be at risk. Likewise, the maritime security environment in West Africa has become increasingly fragile, with a rise in the number of ships coming under attack and crew members being held to ransom. In this geography SF Group have provided anti-piracy ship protection services to vessels and crews transiting the maritime high-risk areas since 2011. Our teams are trained to the highest standards and operate according to tested operating procedures. We provide diversity in team compositions to better integrate our personnel with the crew. All teams are supported by our 24-hour operations centres.

Offshore Energy Protection

As global energy demand continues to rise, exploration and production (E&P) increasingly takes place in locations offshore, presenting numerous risks and complex security requirements. SF has extensive operational experience in the maritime environment and provides clients with E&P operators with appropriate risk assessment and risk mitigation strategies and the means to execute them. We are proud to have successfully supported some of the highest-profile and most challenging offshore energy operations to have taken place anywhere to date. From this experience we have developed comprehensive, robust security plans, implemented by seasoned maritime security professionals. Our approach is intelligence-led, layered, culturally sensitive and effective.

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