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SF Group is a specialist risk management, security and logistics provider. We operate in developed countries and emerging economies, offering attentive and innovative services tailored to protect our clients, their assets, operations and reputation.

Our international standards of delivery allow us to offer the highest levels of attention and care. We have a long history of supporting corporations, governments and private companies operating in complex environments.

Our consultants have worked as specialist advisors and instructors, heads of security for diplomatic missions, royalty and state leaders, and as project managers for corporate businesses and multinationals and smaller private firms around the globe.


  • RISK MANAGEMENT – Locally sourced information, perpetually updated and managed by leaders attuned to local culture and operating environments, lies at the heart of our risk management services.
  • SECURITY – The world faces enduring threats to security and stability. Our understanding of risk in complex environments is grounded in extensive experience successfully working and operating in high-threat environments.
  • MARITIME – SF Group provides proven and long-established maritime security and anti-piracy operations to the shipping and energy industries operating in the Indian Ocean, Gulf of Guinea and South-East Asia.
  • CONSULTANCY – We offer consultancy services and training packages designed to support and equip organisations with the skills needed to operate safely, securely and sustainably.
  • SF BREATHE – Tailored intelligence, targeted analysis. We provide informed and timely notifications of security incidents to help our clients avoid danger.

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance permeates every level of the SF Group. The Board of Directors has developed corporate strategies to build sustainable long-term value, assess and manage risk and set the “tone at the top” for ethical conduct.

The company has established a structure for overseeing risk, delegating responsibility to teams and overseeing the designation of senior leaders responsible for risk management. The Compliance Team, under the guidance of the Board, oversees the company’s compliance programme and escalates any significant issues that may arise.


Conrad founded SF Group in 2005 immediately after retiring as a senior officer in Her Majesty’s Forces. As the Group’s CEO Conrad has grown SF to support multi-sector businesses and premium clients across Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Australia.

A former Commonwealth Games athlete, he joined the Royal Marines before entering UK Special Forces (SBS) and moving onto high-value operations around the world. He and his Squadron Group, alongside allied counterparts, are credited with strategic deliverables in the global war on terrorism. His performance was recognized with the award of the military OBE.

With a master’s degree in War Studies and Defense Technology and complementary skills at Board-level governance and compliance, his primary intent is to identify risk and opportunities whilst helping to deliver Group success. He is a citizen of Kenya and Great Britain and has three children. He lives close to where he grew up, in the Kenya highlands.

Crispin served in the British Territorial Army for six years before venturing into corporate strategy. He has gained exposure to local and international business practices through his time as a Commercial Manager for companies in Kenya and the UK.

Crispin joined SF Group in 2010 as part of the Maritime Division, overseeing operations and developing the company’s armed capability in line with associated compliance and legal elements. In 2012, Crispin was appointed as a regional director and currently sits on the SF Board. He has spearheaded the group’s commitment to industry best practices and compliance, overseeing regular external and internal auditing processes. He is also responsible for leading internal management and commercial development across the group.

Crispin has a BSc in Land Management from the University of Reading, UK, and is a Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (MRICS).

Austin served in the Royal Marines for twenty-eight years, with twenty-five years spent in UK Special Forces (SBS). He was involved in sensitive and demanding operations to deliver strategic impact in furtherance of UK intent. His final posting was to the Defense Section of the British Embassy in Bogotá, Colombia as a Major. During his service, he received three national level commendations for service.

Upon retiring from the military, he worked as a Security Operations Manager before being promoted to General Manager of the Americas, based in Colombia.

Austin has provided risk management support to industries such as oil and gas, mining, construction and infrastructure. He has also provided HNWI close support and event security. He provided crisis management training, exercising and operational support across multiple crisis events, including the Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone. He has successfully conducted business in most countries in the Americas, including the United States.

Dylan served in the Royal Marines for nine years, completing four operational tours of Afghanistan and one of Somalia. He initially served in active combat roles before overseeing the mentoring and training of Afghan Special Forces in counterterrorism and counter-narcotics tactics in support of the UK Special Forces.

Dylan has been with SF Group since 2010 and is responsible for the delivery of commercial, compliance and operational activity and services across Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and Somalia. His hands-on approach to operational management has seen him travel extensively and oversee tasks in many challenging environments.

Passionate about the security and stability of the developing world, Dylan believes wholeheartedly that intelligence-led, community-focused action is the most effective strategy for success at all levels. Having worked in leadership positions throughout his career, Dylan is able to communicate with people from a diverse range of backgrounds. 

Born and raised between Kenya and Tanzania, Philipp has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of East Africa. Following a career in banking in Europe, Philipp returned to live and work in Sub Saharan Africa. He has held a variety of leadership positions overseeing hundreds of employees across various remote sites, gaining experience in dealing with cultures, operations, litigation and business.

Philipp is the Executive Director for SF’s sub-Saharan African business, responsible for the strategic direction, vision, growth and performance of key countries for SF Group. As a seasoned professional with over twenty years of commercial experience, Philipp is known for driving growth, maximizing operational excellence and delivering financial performance. He also served as Head of Special Projects and Head of Investigations within the group.

Alongside a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Nottingham University, an MBA from the University of Cape Town and Anderson business school (UCLA), Philipp speaks English, Swahili, German, and conversational French. He is also a seasoned bush pilot with over 1500 hours pilot in charge, and holds a Commercial Pilots License from The San Diego Flying School in the USA.

Martin served for over ten years with a Close Protection Unit in the Royal Military Police as part of strategic operations and as an instructor. He served in Northern Ireland during the conflict, providing close protection to the Commander of the Ulster Defense Regiment, and was later attached to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office as bodyguard to British ambassadors around the world.

Upon leaving the British Army Martin worked as a Close Protection Operative for the Sultan of Oman and a prominent UK businessman. He was also engaged as part of the security team for the Saudi royal family.

After three years in Iraq Martin arrived in Hong Kong and undertook several short-term security contracts. He established Asia Security and Protection Group (ASAP), offering tailored security services across South East Asia. The group rapidly expanded, offering close protection, journey management and corporate security solutions. In February 2020, ASAP Group merged with SF Group, further enhancing the organisation’s footprint.

Bruce Lyman has over thirty years of commercial experience in government, private and not-for-profit sectors. His foundational experience with Defence and the Department of Foreign Affairs was expanded through his founding and listing of Argus Solutions on the ASX, followed by his operations manager role at SIMAid and running business operations for CTG in Afghanistan. Since 2015, he has provided business advisory for multiple businesses and government departments. 

Bruce has a diverse range of business and leadership experience, including ISO implementation, Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), process and strategy design, and risk assessment management. He has served on a variety of company boards and community leadership teams and has lengthy experience forging partnerships, particularly with companies potentially presented as competitors.

Bruce has run business operations in Australia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan. He has also carried out business in the UK, Zimbabwe, the US, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Yemen, Kenya, France and China.

Bruce joined Salama Fikira in 2017 to assist the company grow its Australian business. He became a Director of SF Group in 2021 where he is able to contribute his business, board and governance experience.

Patrick qualified as a Chartered Accountant with KPMG in 1990, where he spent six and a half years in audit and general practice.  Through the course of his career he has held senior Finance, Risk Management, Control and Consultancy roles for organisations such as Banco Santander and Deutsche Bank.

Patrick joined SF Group as CFO in April 2021, applying his wealth of experience in financial institutions to cultivate a high-class Finance function that is aligned with SF Group’s international reach and future aspirations.

George is an experienced private investor and entrepreneur, and over the last thirty years has been involved in numerous transactions, acting on his own and on behalf of other investors. He has been an active Chairman, Director, Manager and Advisor to many companies in the private sector, and more recently, has held Non-Executive positions in public companies. During his career George has been involved in structuring and executing several company acquisitions and exits via M&A activities, as well as buyouts of businesses he has controlled.

George has developed a significant network of business associates and contacts in public companies. Alongside his work with SF Group, George has operated as a consultant to UHNW individuals, restructuring an aviation management business, chairing a private jet charter broking company and offering consultancy services for specific projects such as admission to London’s Alternative Investment Market.

George was nominated for and shortlisted in the 2015 NED of the Year in the Grant Thornton Quoted Company Awards.

Jim Dutton served a full career in the Royal Marines, commanding at every level, interspersed with MOD and staff appointments, national and NATO. After the terrorist attacks on the USA in 2001 he was seconded to the Pentagon, holding senior operational command appointments in Iraq and Afghanistan.  

Following military retirement in 2010 he spent 10 years in senior management roles in Bechtel, mainly in Africa, with a 2 year period out of Bechtel, as Governor and Commander-in-Chief Gibraltar between 2013 and 2015.

In 2021, Jim joined SF Group to establish the Ethics and Compliance Committee. With the group’s expansion and frequent operations in highly corrupt areas around the globe, maintaining diligence and high standards is as integral to the company as ever. Owing to his ethical decision-making experience and strong governance sensibilities in areas of high-level influence, Jim applies thorough and standardised due diligence and review processes to potential contracts in advance of any commitment.

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