SF Group designs and delivers innovative solutions to address your security needs regardless of industry or location.

Security Services

The world faces simple, complex and multi-dimensional threats to security and stability. Our services give you peace of mind, knowing you are supported by a team trained to international standards, providing the highest level of support to mitigate and respond to incidents. In the event of a crisis, courteous engagement, diligent planning and preparation and focused execution ensure all parties are appropriately informed and protected.

Protective Services

High-net-worth individuals and businesspeople can be exposed to varying security risks. Understanding the threat of violent crime, civil unrest, terrorism and political instability, we provide vetted, trained and accredited personnel to mitigate security risks. All our tasks conform to international best practice and are tailored to suit the needs of the clients we serve. For either international travel or domestic operations we ensure conditions are assessed, adequate reconnaissance is applied, operational communications and response procedures are maintained, while all operations are tracked and monitored from our 24-hour operations centre.

Energy and Infrastructure

With exploration and production (E&P) increasingly taking place in remote and high-risk environments, local expertise and risk mitigation has never been so important in this highly competitive industry. The ‘resource curse’ or ‘paradox of plenty’ can be remedied with culturally aware, comprehensive project management and security. SF Group has extensive experience in providing fully integrated risk management and security solutions to energy operations in some of the most sensitive and challenging environments in the world. Our reputation for intelligence-led, community-focused support, adhering to the highest levels of HSSE and compliance, is well earned.

Event Security

SF Group delivers turnkey event security solutions wherever they are required. From early liaison, assessment and planning for events, to the delivery of a high-quality and customer-focused service, our personnel operate in accordance with robust procedures and understand the importance of diplomacy in this environment. Utilising proprietary algorithm detection software (PADS), we create an intelligence monitoring ‘bubble’ around all event locations to ensure early warning of mass gatherings, protests and locations of civil unrest. By creating a geo-fence around a location, we collect and monitor relevant hashtags, keywords and specific social media users. This ensures our clients receive early warning of any activity that may impact the safety of event attendees.

Security Products

Through a network of industry-leading manufacturers and suppliers SF Group delivers established and proven products designed to provide additional security grounded in advanced technology. These products complement our services, the result being comprehensive security coverage. We also offer training and implementation guidance to ensure ease of use and product longevity.

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