Salama Fikira has been notified of the Private Security Regulatory Authority’s (PSRA) intention to cancel its security license in Legal Notice No. PSRA/001/2024. Salama Fikira does not actually have a license which can be cancelled.  Anticipating there may be business opportunities which would require licensing  the company has submitted applications several times since the Private Security Regulation Act (2016) came into effect.   However a license has not been issued. Reasons for non issuance have never been provided.  

Salama Fikira has a strict compliance programme. The company is committed to working with the PSRA to ensure compliance and good governance in relation to the issuance of a license and in any related matters. 

Salama Fikira was founded in Kenya in 2005 and currently operates in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. The organisation has no issue relating to its relevant licences and welcomes dialogue and transparency on this matter. 


Bruce Lyman 

Chief Executive Officer 

Salama Fikira Group 

6 Feb 2024

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