Our primary measure of quality relates to our ability to deliver ‘task deployment reliability’ for our partners and customers. Importantly, any shortcoming relating the deployment reliability has the potential to compromise safety, presenting risk of hazards and even potential injury. Needless to say, our health and safety policies, processes and applications are central to the well being of all we engage (staff and customers), and ultimately to the overall health of the business. A reflection of this focus is our annual Health and Safety day named to honour Paul Sedgeman and marked on the 21 May each year. The 2024 Salama Fikira Paul Sedgeman Health and Safety Day theme is “Speak Up For Safety”.

“Speak Up for Safety,” underscores the critical importance of proactive communication in maintaining a safe and healthy work environment. Speaking up for safety is essential because it empowers individuals to identify and address potential hazards before they escalate into serious incidents. When employees are encouraged to voice their concerns a culture of transparency and accountability is fostered, ultimately leading to a safer workplace for everyone.

Employees, consultants and third parties working with Salama Fikira are encouraged to ‘Speak Up For Safety’, by reporting incidents, near misses and non-conformities through SF’s reporting protocols – or verbally to someone that can report it.  Through Speaking Up For Safety, standards of service delivery are continuously improved and can potentially even save lives. 

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