Executive Summary

Indian Ocean

No additional maritime security-related incidents were recorded within or outside the reporting period.

  •  On 07th November, an Indian fisherman was killed, and another was injured off Gujarat, by PMSA personnel for allegedly encroaching on Pakistan territorial waters.
  •  On 11th November, the UAE, Bahrain, Israel, and US NAVCENT commenced a multilateral NAVEX in the Red Sea.

Gulf of Guinea

Three maritime security incidents and one announcement were recorded within the reporting period.

  • On 11th November, an unknown number of assailants boarded an MV (details withheld) approximately 63nm southwest of Brass, offshore Nigeria.
  • On 10th November, two unidentified craft believed to have been launched from a nearby FV approached an MV (details withheld) approximately 208nm south of Takoradi, offshore Ghana.
  • On 09th November, MDAT-GoG issued a notice to mariners warning of an increased threat of piracy in a bounded area offshore Brass, Nigeria.
  • On 07th November, a small unidentified craft approached an MV (details withheld) pproximately 37nm north of Neves, offshore São Tomé and Príncipe.
  • On 01st November, an unknown number of assailants on board a small craft targeted a passenger vessel transiting the Delta Waterways, near Oroba Island, stealing personal belongings and the vessel’s outboard motor before escaping.

Southeast Asia

One additional maritime security-related incident was recorded outside the reporting period.

  •  On 04th November, two perpetrators attempted to board a bulk carrier in the eastbound lane of the TSS area of the Singapore Strait. The assailants fled the vessel with no stolen items after having been sighted by an on-duty crew member.

The full report can be viewed here.


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