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Indian Ocean

No maritime security related incidents or announcements were recorded within or outside the reporting period.

  • On 25 th April, Omani officials confirmed the release of the RWABEE’s 11 crew members following a series of negotiations with the Houthis. The UAE flagged vessel was earlier hijacked by the militant group on 03rd January in the Southern Red Sea.
  • On 23 rd April, the PNS SHAMSHEER Zulfiquar class frigate of the Pakistan Navy, operating under the Combined Maritime Forces’(CMF) Combined Task Force (CMF) 150 based in Bahrain, successfully interdicted an FV smuggling illicit narcotics in the Gulf of Oman.
  • Late reporting indicated that suspected militants linked to al Qaeda attacked and destroyed a pipeline in Yemen’s Shabwah Governorate which transports LNG from Maarib to an export facility in Balhaf on 21st April.

Gulf of Guinea

No maritime security related incidents or announcements were recorded within or outside the reporting period.

  • International Maritime Bureau (IMB) recorded no kidnapping related incidents in the Gulf of Guinea  seas areas in Q1 of 2022.
  • Up to 110 people were killed on 23rd April, following an explosion at an illegal oil refining depot in Abaeze located at the shared border areas of River and Imo states in Nigeria Southeast.


One additional maritime security related incident was recorded within the reporting period, while two incidents were recorded outside the reporting period.

  • On 27th April, one perpetrator boarded an underway bulk carrier in the eastbound lane of the Traffic Separation Scheme (TSS) area of the Singapore Strait, approximately 5 6 nm northwest of Tanjung Pergam offshore Indonesia, and escaped following a raised alarm.
  • On 19 th April, ten perpetrators boarded a barge that was being towed by a Malaysia flagged tugboat outside the TSS Eight perpetrators along with one crew member were arrested, while no items were reported to have been stolen.
  • On 18 th April, two perpetrators, while attempting to board a berthed container vessel at Makar Warf, General Santos, offshore Philippines escaped after being spotted by the OOW A few hours later another perpetrator was spotted in the gangway area of the vessel, who escaped following a raised alarm.

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