SF Group launches The Afrika Knowledge Academy

4 October 2023 Salama Fikira is pleased to announce it has expanded its training resource and created The Afrika Training Academy. The Afrika spelling is a nod to our Swahili DNA. The Afrika Knowledge Academy builds on the accredited courses already provided by the company, together with the e-learning courses available online via the company website.

The Afrika Knowledge Academy has adopted the baobab tree and reflected that in the heart of its new logo. Harry Atkinson-Clark, the Academy’s new manager said “The baobab is quintessentially African around which has developed deep mystical significance and reverence. But it has also profoundly practical significance as well. Mature trees are central to and support local ecosystems, provide safety and shelter and can be wells and reservoirs in parched environments. Some ascribe to the baobab knowledge and wisdom while others are simply grateful for the nourishment it provides the body. And of course the tree is synonymous with surviving and thriving in the harshest environments. While we don’t want to extrapolate too much, the attributes of this tree closely align with the attributes and qualities offered by SF Group to our partners and clients. We are part of the African landscape.”

SF Group CEO Bruce Lyman noted the importance of training in the broad suite of services offered by the company. “Too often training can be an afterthought, or can be delivered in an environment which looks nothing like the operating environments found across Africa. The Afrika Knowledge Academy aims to put training into the centre of a company’s planning. But it’s not just any training. These are courses which are internationally accredited and as such deliver transferable skills and knowledge. Most importantly these international accreditations can be delivered in remote locations, benefiting the community and empowering individuals alike. A student or job aspirant does not have to settle for second best because they are located long distances from a learning centre.”

The extensive range of courses offered by The Afrika Knowledge Academy can be found at https://www.sf-group.co/training/ Simply contact the company via the contact form on the website, or email aka@sf-group.co.