SF Group Establishes Ethics Committee

20 December 2021

London, UK– Since its formation in 2005 Salama Fikira has conducted business to the highest ethical standards and has, as a consequence, won contracts in support of international clients that demand these standards. 

The company often operates in areas where corruption is endemic, underscoring the need to be particularly diligent in maintaining high standards.  This not only helps ensure suppliers, clients and potential clients are aware of our values but also protects their commercial interests. 

As Salama Fikira has grown into a group of worldwide companies the Board has established an Ethics and Compliance Committee to maintain and where appropriate raise our standards and to scrutinise potential contracts. The Committee will apply a thorough and standardised due diligence and review process to potential contracts in advance of any commitment.  The Committee is a subcommittee of the Board of Directors and is designed to provide independent advice. 

To that end the Board has appointed Lt Gen (retired) Sir James Dutton and Group CFO Mr Patrick Cook to the  Committee.  Gen Dutton was Director of NATO policy in the UK Ministry of Defence, and served as British liaison to the Pentagon. He later served as the Governor of Gibraltar. Patrick has a background in banking. He was formerly Head of Finance Treasury Businesses at Banco Santander, and was program manager as well as business architect at Deutsche Bank. Both members bring strong governance sensibilities and ethical decision making experience to the committee, especially in the delicate areas of high level influence and financial propriety. If you wish to know more about the functions and roles of the Committee within SF Group please contact the company.