Chairman and CEO Appointments


3 October 2022. London.  SF Group is pleased to announce the appointment of founder and CEO Mr Conrad Thorpe OBE as Group Chairman and the appointment of Mr Bruce Lyman as Group CEO.
Over the last two years, our company has restructured and reconfigured her operational output around new and exciting products that complement our existing business lines, and that are designed to deliver maximum commercial effectiveness. This structure is based on devolved operational leadership to continental and business-line executives, who have direct responsibility over their own real estate, services and clients. This restructuring was initiated by then Chairman, Mr George Rolls. The leadership restructure allows the new Chairman to guide the growth of the company, addresses strategic direction and oversee the sound governance and ethics of the Group, which are hallmarks of the business.

Bruce Lyman has been involved with SF Group for several years now.  He immediately demonstrated incredible attention to detail whilst at the same time a desire to be involved in the core operational aspects of the business.  His strong leadership style, resilient business acumen and commercial balance has made him a natural choice to take over as the CEO.  Bruce brings experience and background which centres on the growth aspects of the company, together with knowledge in practical leadership, developing sales teams, marketing, technology, capital raising and growing businesses. Particularly helpful is his familiarity operating businesses in complex environments – Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The Chairman and CEO nexus.

One of the most important relationships in any company is that between the Chairman and the CEO. These individuals can drive a corporation or a business to incredible success, if they have what we all call ‘chemistry’.  Chemistry is more than friendship and respect, though these qualities really help.  It is based on mutual admiration, hard work, eclectic thinking, watching how each other works with people and how much discipline one has.  SF Group are fortunate to have an extraordinary relationship between the CEO and the Chairman. This relationship rubs-off on The Board of Directors, on senior management, on the operational staff, on the operators and it bounces right back to our clients from every man and woman in the Group.  It will be sensed and communicated to clients and partners to vendors and to those who are looking-in but are outside the company.  This chemistry is infections.  The duty of the Chairman and the CEO is to cultivate their chemistry, so that it in visible, tangible and clear to our clients, leaders, our staff, our partners and our operators.

Who Is SF Group?

SF Group is a unique company. At its heart it has a core of driven men and women who desire to deliver quality over quantity, to temper risk against reality, fear against fantasy and threats against vulnerabilities.  SF Group delivers temporal risk management with the lowest possible footprint and profile, that leverages off our unique cultural and market penetration and understanding. We take the business of risk to be central to what we do.  We map, understand, rehearse and integrate our support so as to de-risk the environment. We believe that fundamentally risk is all about one thing – people