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We are your local knowledge experts in risk management, security, logistics and emergency solution support, defined by the highest regulatory and international standards and applied in any cross-cultural environment

Discretion | Fortitude | Bridging Cultures

International Capability, Local Expertise

In everything we do, SF Group seeks to bridge gaps in an increasingly complex and polarised world. We facilitate safe and sustainable business operations that benefit our clients and the regions in which we operate.

We provide tailored risk management, security, logistics and agency services to internationally recognisable names in commerce, industry and government. We deliver these services in compliance with industry best practice, in places as diverse as the Amazon Basin and the Himalayan Highlands. We achieve this through diligent planning and by utilising personnel with local expertise, linguistic abilities and a vested interest in the development of their area of operations to act on behalf of us and our clients.

Our Services

SF Group delivers discreet and innovative solutions which are customised to address the specific needs of our clients.

SF Group provides a comprehensive range of maritime security and anti-piracy services to the shipping and energy industries operating in the Indian Ocean, Gulf of Guinea and South-East Asia. Click here for more details on our maritime services.

Our Locations