Kenyans go to the polls on 9th August 2022. Several high-profile events have already begun to highlight the high stakes and the potential for the kind of violence seen in previous election cycles. Amid this uncertainty, access to accurate, reliable, and timely information has never been so important.

Kenya 2022 Election Risk Monitor Package

With our deep roots in Kenya and East Africa, and our experience covering Kenya’s previous election cycles, we will be providing a Kenya 2022 Elections Risk Monitor as an enhancement to our SF BREATHE app reporting. The package is an essential guide for our clients to understand the security landscape, offering detailed analysis and forecasting, supported by near-real-time reporting of developing incidents, bringing clarity, accuracy and simplicity to an otherwise confusing and potentially chaotic operating environment.

Our BREATHE platform offers clients immediate access to the latest validated information, through emails, SMS and push notifications to our App.

Information Matters

Amid the uncertainty of this election campaign, access to accurate, reliable and timely information is vital. We offer immediate access to the latest validated information, through emails, SMS and push notifications to our App.

Background to the Kenya Elections 2022

This year’s election is unusually difficult to predict because of shifting alliances in Kenyan politics, and the emerging co-operation between established dynasties – highlighted by the President’s choice of a former rival as his successor and not his own deputy president.

The election will test the new voter registration programme, and its susceptibility to abuse. Social media make it easier for factions to spread rumours or misinformation, and to mobilise support, helping normalise expectations and tolerance for violence and unrest.

The combination of these and other factors points to an unpredictable, and potentially unstable, security environment in the country throughout the campaign – and after.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive 2022 Elections Risk Report, including:
  • Alerts on breaking incidents
  • Daily summaries of significant
    developments and upcoming events
  • Weekly and monthly forecasts throughout
    the campaign period on the changing
    situation and likely implications

Webinar Replay

Click below to watch a replay of our Kenya 2022 elections risk monitor webinar held on May 25, 2022. We hope you find the webinar both interesting and useful.

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